1:30 PM

Event Begins

Speaker 1

2:00 PM

An Entrepreneur Leader to Entrepreneur Whisperer

Jody Dharmawan

Founder, Dharma Life Private Limited

2:30 PM

Speaker 2

From a Failure in school to a billion-dollar Success

Steve Melhuish

Co-Founder, PropertyGuru Group

3:00 PM

Speaker 3

Carve Your Legacy on Hearts

Amanda Koo

Founder, Managing Directress, eClarity

3:30 PM

Speaker 4

Student Entrepreneur to Millionaire Business Leader

Patricia Lin

Director, Zion Global Marketing

4:00 PM


Speaker 5

4:30 PM

Turning my Personal Cravings into a Business

Janti Brasali

Founder, Seriously Keto

5:00 PM

Speaker 6

Riding the Waves of Crisis

Joanne Ho 

Managing Director, Brand Cellar

Speaker 7

5:30 PM

Revolutionizing the Food Industry. Revolutionizing Me.

Jocelyn Chng

Group CEO, JR Group Holdings

6:00 PM

End of Conference

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