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Seriously Keto

A passionate baker, Janti, now 53 years old and a happy mom of three beautiful children, has been cooking and baking since she was 14. To Janti, healthy living is priceless. Two years ago, Janti embarked on her Keto diet journey in pursuit of weight loss, and the Keto diet has been helpful.

The decision to open a wholly keto bakery arose from the limitation of low-carb options to enjoy when dining outside. The difficulties she has encountered to avoid eating carb-loaded food was a realisation to Mrs Brasali that there is a place for keto products in the market, especially for breads and sweet desserts. Janti experimented and found the perfect formulas for her Ketobuns and Ketodesserts – and now she is making them available to public individuals who are getting more health-conscious but are unable to find sufficient Keto-friendly bakery products to consume.

Hence, Janti’s birth of Seriously Keto marks the beginning of one of Singapore’s pioneer keto-friendly bakeries that offer baked goods that are great for the health-conscious, and for those on ketogenic, paleo and gluten-free diets. Perfect for indulging in without guilt, her baked goods satisfy sweet cravings with healthy ingredients and sugar substitutes made from natural ingredients. Janti chose to start her bakery in Singapore, where she observed a trend towards health-conscious lifestyles and diet choices. 


Best Career Achievements before Seriously Keto


What's the best achievement in her career? Janti has been running huge family businesses for many years and brought home knowledge from her F&B experience in running the Keto bakeries. 


Janti opened an Italian Restaurant - “Il Punto” with 1-michelin star chef from Milan from 1993 until the Asian economic crisis in 1998 made it untenable to continue. Janti helped her family then opened a chain of Japanese fast food chain called Hoka Hoka Bento (or Hokben in short) that took Jakarta by storm. With three humble outlets in the beginning, Hokben has now over 150 outlets in several key cities in Indonesia. 


Later on, Janti and her family ran high end super-/ farmer’s market retail outlets called Ranch99, which has expanded to 34 outlets across Indonesia as of today. The company went public a few years ago. 


Also supportive towards charity cause, Janti has raised two funds through her solo photography exhibition - One in Jakarta to Fund for children school (called Learning Farm); Another one in Singapore's KK Women's and Children's Hospital for ‘Kidz Horizon’. She sold her photographs and all proceeds went to both funds - close to S$7000 equivalent in Jakarta and S30,000 in Singapore.


The Birth of Garam Lada and Tripling of Revenue

within 5 Months of Opening


Janti started Garam Lada, the keto business in established end Feb 2018 in Jakarta and is currently run by Janti's staff team in Indonesia. How has it change the lifestyles of Indonesians? Janti has 700 clients from Jakarta and other parts of Indonesia. Known with a high diabetic rate, her clients, who are now a strong Keto community, turn to her for better health. It has helped many who are looking for a better Keto alternative by providing them a solution to address their health concerns and prevent diabetes. 


Janti’s recipes is greatly endorsed by the largest ketogenic association in Jakarta - Ketogenic Indonesia. The association has tried many Keto bakeries’ products and set their eyes on Janti’s, as her bakes are the most delicious and the closest to regular non-keto bakes. Hence, Keto Indonesia has been re-inviting Janti to supply Keto bakes to their events ever since, with complete approval of taste and utter satisfaction with Janti’s offering. 


Revenue tripled within five months since Garam Lada was established, thanks to strong word of mouth and successful samplings at numerous public events/ seminars in Jakarta. Garam Lada received at least 200 orders or more per day (a mix of different products). With the blasting of 'Today’s Special’ menu to its customer network, people would call and made orders until Garam Lada sold out. As all bakes are made to order, there is zero waste for the kitchen and a guaranteed profit and ROI for the business.

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